PROPERTY PEOPLE is the Best Platform to connect the right PROPERTY to the right PEOPLE. SIMPLE.

Created by J MAKERS PLT, which is a Sales and Marketing Outsourcing company that provide Definite Solutions and Investment Services to all the stakeholders in the property sector. Based on our more than 30 years of combine experiences in the property development sector, we developed Property People mobile application with the aim of providing a simple tool to enhance our sales and marketing activities, our communications, our management, as well as our property market.

In short, Property Developers will be able to market and sell their properties directly to the Property Buyers or via Real Estate Agents.

Real Estate Agents will be able to assist the Property Developers and Property Owners to market and sell their properties.

Property Buyers will be able to engage Real Estate Agents and Property Developers directly for property purchase.

All the process will be SIMPLE, FAST and done PROFESSIONALLY.

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